How can we help?

Over the past 18 years we have introduced, developed and delivered programmes in large international tennis venues, smaller local clubs and both state and independent schools.

We are able to develop and deliver programmes for all ages and abilities, from 3 years old to 90 years old and from complete beginner to international player.

We can provide a service where we design, implement and deliver a new tennis programme from scratch or simply provide coaches or offer consultancy to clubs and schools to help implement new programmes in house or improve existing programmes, whilst training staff for the programme’s delivery. Whatever your tennis need, however big or small, we can help.

As well as being experts in developing exceptional tennis coaching programmes for clubs and schools our director of tennis, Mark Magrath specialises in Community outreach programmes, talent ID and ball kid training. We are able to offer expert coaches and consultancy services in this area

  • Design, and implement tennis programmes for clubs, schools and corporations
  • Improve existing programmes
  • Provide tennis coaching staff for schools and clubs
  • Design and deliver ball kid training
  • Develop and deliver community outreach programmes
  • Organise corporate tennis days in world class venues

I have worked closely with It’s All About Tennis for some time on the community initiative we host at the National Tennis Centre, the Wandsworth Tennis Academy. As head Coach Mark coordinates/organises a team of qualified coaches to provide daily academy sessions for local school children in the borough of Wandsworth.

When taking on this responsibility Mark faced the challenge of turning an academy that had inconsistencies in all areas of its delivery in to the thriving, pro active, bright & structured programme it is today.

One of the key elements to this has been Mark’s ability to consistently provide the National Tennis Centre with a team of coaches who are enthusiastic, reliable & have delivered a high standard of tennis coaching. This has lead to the children taking part not only enjoying the sessions but has also created a sense of

belonging and a healthy competitiveness to develop their games. Sessions are conducted in such a way that the emphasis is on having fun but at the same time participants are challenged & have the opportunity to learn.

The team have built up an excellent rapport with the children leading to a healthy & positive team environment. A two way communication process has been created, where by Mark regularly feeds back to his coaches/players & in turn they ask him for feedback to further develop their skills.

During this time there have been many scenarios where Mark has had to demonstrate an ability to be sensitive to parents/players needs & requests. There are often occasions when parents wish to switch their children’s class to accommodate their own schedules,

Mark has always read these situations well & communicated effectively to ensure the child & the classes affected remain well balanced.

On court Mark consistently demonstrates the ability to listen to his players, asking them appropriate questions & giving relevant feedback on how they can improve.

Mark is a pleasure to work with and has always approached our goals/objectives extremely professionally. Challenges that we have faced have been dealt with calmly but always efficiently.

Lee Myers (Programming Manager) at the National Tennis Centre